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Youth People's Department (YPD)

The Youth Ministry of St. John offers the word of God via bible teachings, discipleship, outreach and creative arts. The youth are taught biblically based truths, principles, and life-changing doctrines, which successfully prepare them to live godly lives. The Youth Ministry is involved in Bible Studies, topical discussions, and social activities. The responsibilities of the Youth Ministry are to instill Christian values and ideas, cultivate spiritual development, growth, and fellowship. YPD Director- Sister Yvette Collins

Bible Bowl Preparation (BBP) will begin using Zoom on Wednesday March 30 and continue each Wednesday from 5-6pm until May 25 for Division I and Division II Bible Bowl Teams.

The Saint John Division 1 BBP Team includes students in grades 1-6 and the Division II Team is for the YPD members in grades 7-12. An email address is needed for everyone participating in BBP.

Please send your telephone number to Sister Scott's email address email


You may download the Kahoot! App for free on your mobile device.


Below is the Zoom Meeting ID and Passcode:

Meeting ID: 963 377 3765

Passcode:(Email for password)


The entire Saint John Family is invited to join in on the fun learning the Book of Matthew using Kahoot! as we prepare to compete in the Bible Bowl during the Sunday School Convention on June 3-4, 2022.

Please see Sisters Tanya McGaha, Kemba Cofield, Penny McClain or Renee Scott Smith for additional information. 

YPD Director Yvette Collins


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